This blog is a story, a memoir, a construct. While it is not essential, or even necessarily important, to read the posts in order, some of it will make more sense if you do (particularly if you subscribe to a linear understanding of time). Where possible I have linked back to the start of a problem in the posts themselves. However, I am only human so, as the blog gets longer, and I get further up to date, I am, inevitably, going to miss the odd link. Therefore, if it doesn’t make sense, or you feel like there’s some back story that you haven’t read this is the place to come.

All dates are approximate, and some posts overlap each other in time, as events are arranged in groups rather than by strict linear time. Narrative is, after all, a way to make sense of things which do not necessarily have a clear beginning or end; this is my arbitrary structure, the other participants in events will have different memories, and, of course, some details have been changed to protect the innocent.


Miss Inexperience buys a boat August 2006-May 2007

wherein Miss Inexperience learns some important lessons about the practicalities of living on a boat and somehow survives her first winter aboard.

Miss Inexperience plays on the Big River May 2007

wherein Miss Inexperience and SBT take the boat, complete with cooling problem, down the Thames to London.

Miss Inexperience learns about mooring in London May 2007-August 2008

wherein Miss Inexperience discovers that mooring in London is different to mooring in other places and discusses the relative merits of various central London visitor moorings.

Miss Inexperience fixes things May 2007 – June 2010

wherein Miss Inexperience develops her Theory regarding why things break and attempts DIY on a few bits that have.

Miss Inexperience and boatmen May 2007 – June 2010

wherein Miss Inexperience engages the professionals to fix a variety of problems: the water pump exploding, the benches collapsing, the engine cooling system, the stern gland leaking, the gas fridge refusing to refrigerate, her erratic shower and the stove glass.

Miss Inexperience: a fire, a futon, a fridge February 2008 – February 2010

wherein Miss Inexperience is not burnt out, eventually acquires a mattress and finally rids herself of an extraneous fridge.

Miss Inexperience leaves London July 2010

wherein Miss Inexperience moves out of London, but not too far out. Learns about bilge pumps, finds some new uses for WD40, gets new deck-boards and sees her first flasher.

Miss Inexperience plumbs the depths: part 1 August 2010

wherein Miss Inexperience replaces the second of three pumps and, in the process repairs an unexpected leek.

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